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About Cranberry County Chamber of Commerce

The Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce represents the towns of
Middleboro, Lakeville, Raynham, Bridgewater, Plympton, Halifax, Carver, Wareham, and Rochester.

The Cranberry Country Chamber mission is built on three pillars:

Power of Place

The Chamber is positioned to provide regional leadership that harnesses the resources and vitality of our local communities. Our name, “Cranberry Country” speaks to our regional uniqueness. In a new “global” economy, our competitive advantage lies increasingly in recognizing these local strengths, which include talents, resources, and relationships.

Power of Community

The Chamber provides an opportunity for members to engage and build a positive network of business connections that allows businesses to participate in something greater than themselves. Participation in community heightens creativity, problem solving, networking, business development and opportunity. Within the greater community, the Chamber has the opportunity to “give back” in ways that support community efforts and that in turn builds good will toward local businesses, increasing over-all quality of life in communities.

Power of Voice

As a Chamber we can unite our voices in order to educate our communities about the positive contribution of businesses; to advocate for laws that promote small businesses and economic development; and to advocate for local planning efforts that will grow and support a thriving business community.

Bryan Berry
Schooley Mitchell / Schooley Mitchell

Consider Joining

If you're a business in Southeastern Massachusetts, consider joining the Cranberry County Chamber of Commerce. It's an amazing organization that's dedicated to promoting and enriching the local business climate, developing a positive economic environment, and contributing to the betterment of the community.

Julie Kennedy
Middleboro, MA / Old Colony YMCA

Become involved in the community

The Cranberry Country Chamber has provided an opportunity for me professionally and personally to meet some incredible people in our community.  As a YMCA professional, the Chamber has provided the opportunity to share and introduce the Y to businesses and provide opportunities for the Y to become involved in the community.

Todd Philie
Mattapoisett, MA / Southcoast Marketing Group

Best decision I made for my company

Having initially begun working with the Cranberry Country Chamber as an intern in the early 90’s and then rejoining over 25 years later as a business owner was the best decision I made for my company.  Since joining we have worked with several members and grew their marketing efforts, as well as working with many members and used their services. I have able to interact with many types of business that I normally would not reach by attending after-hour events that the Chamber executes.  The relationships that have been formed within the chamber are invaluable

Mario Finkbiner

Consistent networking and relationship building

Why I joined the Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce… Before joining as a New Yorker and Entrepreneur, I found it difficult to build a dream team for our REI Business.  After joining this Chamber, we have expanded our dream team with professionals in our industry with consistent networking and relationship building; and we are now profitable.

A great opportunity for me learn what resources are available in this community

I am emailing to let you know how much I enjoyed the [Legislative] breakfast today.  I appreciate the opportunity to meet such an accomplished group of people.  The breakfast was a great opportunity for me learn what resources are available in this community.  I left the event very optimistic about my new home. Please know that if I can ever be of assistance to you or the Chamber, please reach out. Again, thank you so much for the hospitality and the warm welcome.

Educational Legislative Event & Networking

That [2019 Legislative Luncheon at Boston Tavern] was a very educational experience. I learned more about how the state budget actually works at that lunch than a semester of economics class taught me in college! I also got a great lead on a project at the YMCA across the street.

Patricia Bureau
Regional Director of Sales / Fairfield Inn Marriott Raynham

There is no better place to develop and promote your business than The Cranberry Chamber

Membership in The Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce has been such a wonderful experience for our Hotel.  They are the most welcoming and professional group and there is a real sense of community among the members.  The Chamber helped promote our 3+ million-dollar renovation at our hotel with ease and professionalism.There are dozens of events every year which give small and large businesses a chance to meet one another and network.  I have met many professionals and developed new business relationships because of the Chamber.There is no better place to develop and promote your business than The Cranberry Chamber. The Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce has exceeded my expectations in every way!

Brieanna Wood

The Chamber has been a facilitator in connecting our business with other local businesses

SERVPRO has been part of the Cranberry Country Chamber for 5 years now.  Within that time, the Chamber has been a facilitator in connecting our business with other local businesses in Plymouth County.  We have been able to grow our relationships exponentially through this organization.  Being a member of multiple chambers in the area, I cannot speak enough of the importance of being active in your local Chambers.

Kira Watkins

Benefitted my business

We [T.M. Ryder Insurance] joined the Cranberry Country Chamber a few years ago.  I remember walking into my first After Hours networking event and not knowing a soul in the room.  Valerie introduced me to some people, and I also became involved as an ambassador during the first year.  By the next year, it occurred to me that I by then knew 90% of the people in the room, and I was giving the introductions.  The networking that the Chamber offers has allowed for me to get myself and my business known and also be more involved in the community.  This has benefitted my business and has allowed me to become a resource for my customers, family and friends.

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Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce
9 Clayton Road
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Phone: Valerie (508) 947-1499 / Pam (508) 947-1446
Email: pdziura@cranberrycountry.org

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