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Elements for Excellence Women’s Event


Women’s event for professional and personal development


“Mindfulness-An Inner Path to Peace” – Dr. Yun Xia 

Five Critical Tools for Inner Power” – Laurie McAnaugh  

“Positive Intelligence Quotient” – Beth Davis 

Guided Meditation with Sound Healing – Amy Knox

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“Mindfulness-An Inner Path to Peace” – Dr. Yun Xia

Dr. Xia is a primary care physician in Taunton with Steward Primary Care at Northwoods. She observes that 30% of patients complain of stress and mood disorder, and it became worse during the pandemic. Realizing many mood disorders can be prevented or relieved by changing lifestyle and mindset, she is passionate about teaching positive psychology and mindfulness in order to promote health.


Five Critical Tools for Inner Power” – Laurie McAnaugh

Elements for Excellence

This interactive discussion will challenge your self-awareness skills.  It will expand your perspectives and shift your thinking.  It will empower you to grow your personal and professional relationships.

These 5 critical tools will help you to gain meaningful clarity for better decision making, and they will help you to manage emotions and reduce stress more effectively.

My goal is that our time together will relax you and it will also challenge you.  And if you allow it, these insights and ideas will impact every corner of your life.

Laurie McAnaugh is a Board-Certified Coach with a thriving international private practice in Sagamore Beach.  Her clients are teens and adults seeking powerful, positive change.  The content of this discussion comes from 18 years of coaching and observing patterns in human behavior.  Laurie lives these same strategies and applies them daily to her life, work, and relationships.  She works with clients in person, via phone or Zoom.

Elements for ExcellencePositive Intelligence Quotient” – Beth Davis

PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) measures the relative strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur). PQ is the most widely used measure of mental fitness.  What if you could change the way you look at the world and actually be happy? All it takes is “exercising” your brain “muscles”!

For the last twenty years, I’ve been coaching business owners and professionals to determine “what’s next” in their lives. That might entail reinventing their business, helping them sell or transfer their business and/or changing certain aspects of their later-stage years. Simultaneously, I have always dabbled in real estate– looking for, buying, designing, renovating and selling. Now I’m bringing homes to the forefront of my coaching profession by helping others through the relocation and buying process.

As a coach, I’ve been trained to ask great questions and to listen – hearing the concerns and aspirations that give definition and meaning to the life you are moving toward. Listening and probing will help surface not just the type of neighborhood and style of home for you, but a place that supports the lifestyle you’re creating.

Life is about change. The process of transition, whether it is a change in career, business or home ownership, is fraught with emotion and uncertainty. We’re moving from the known to the unknown. I guide you through the steps necessary to shape your new future.

Guided Meditation with Sound Healing – Amy Knox

Elements for Excellence

Energy based practices (Reiki/Bioscalar) are practices that use natural energy that is all round and within us.  Energy medicine practitioners help to enhance client’s overall well-being, increase mental clarity, promote relaxation, restore emotional balance, and can help deepen one’s own intuition through using these energy Practices.  Vibrational Sound Therapy is created with ancient and modern sound tools to bring resonating vibration back to the body and all of their cells. Vibrational Sound Therapy helps improve functionality; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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