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“Why men and women working together is good for business.”

Men and women have taken equal, but different responsibilities, for the survival of the human species for over 2 million years (thankfully!). Each has contributed their strengths, skills and talents to get us to where we are today and each strength has been important to the species survival – but different. But no question, the human species would be extinct if it were not for the contributions of each gender.

But what does that mean for today’s global workplaces where technology is helping to change the traditional survival methodologies of over 2 million years?

Global research from such credible and well-known firms as McKinsey, Credit Suisse, Nordia Bank, Catalyst and others, has shown that when business women represent 30% or more of your Senior Leadership team and/or Board of Directors, a company can be up to 65% more profitable than an organization just run by men.

Why is that? What do women do differently in the workplace than men that contributes to these well-proven results? Any company that understands, implements and capitalizes on the equal-but-different strengths of each gender, is likely to be more successful than its competitors that don’t. Is this the competitive advantage your firm wants and needs?

This seminar, which is the exact opposite of a feminist, male-bashing presentation, uses the leading edge International Gender Science research, to demonstrate how these male/female biological differences manifest themselves in the workforce and, how used productively, can generate the up to 65% profitability that every company would love to have. Using humor and the most research gender medicine research, you will learn:

  • just how brilliant the male brain is but in different ways and that actually start before birth;
  • just how brilliant the female brain is but in different ways and that actually begin at conception;
  • how the same word used by one gender, has a completely different meaning when used by the other gender and how that negatively can impact communication;
  • gender communication strategies that will enhance, not hold-back your, organization;
  • learn why Kevin O’Leary of Shark tank, and other investors like him, have 50% of their investment portfolio in women-run companies.

Business is hard work. It is not for the faint of heart. But with the carrot of significant increased profitability and competitive advantage right there in front of you, this is a seminar you don’t want to miss!

Please join us for some laughter, learning and immediate take-away tips that can help your business start to grow immediately!

Jill Beresford has been the CEO and Chairman of a publicly-held corporation. She has spent +25 years successfully working in the Turnaround & Restructuring Industry filling the positions of CEO, CFO, CRO and/or CMO. She has worked in a wide variety of corporate environments including private, public, international, start-ups, family-held businesses, Chapter 11 bankruptcies, orderly liquidations and turn-around situations.

Jill is frequently a judge and panelist for small businesses including the SBA’s Emerging Leader’s Initiative, VETtoCEO programs, and South Shore Young Entrepreneurs Program helping her clients write award-winning business plans and successfully getting financing for their ventures. Most recently, the American Small Business Development Centers recognized Jill as the top small business advisor in Massachusetts where she was awarded the coveted State Star Performer award.

More recently, Jill has also been bringing the message of improved economics through gender balance to the C-suite of Fortune 500 companies through one-on-one trainings, facilitating workshops, participating in Summits, and conducting Key note addresses.

Jill’s M.B.A. is from Boston University.