Cranberry Country Chamber Of Commerce

How to Find Target Clients and Rebuild Your Marketing Plan Cancelled


The Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce

with Rockland Trust and Massasoit Community College present:

How to Find Target Clients and Rebuild Your Marketing Plan

With Kirsten Furman


Did you lose touch with your customers?  Are clients not responding to your marketing campaigns? Should you be on social media or rebuilding your website into a more fancy one?

 In this seminar you will learn why it is crucial to understand exactly who your audience is, how to best get to know them, and how your target customers can guide decisions on the type of marketing that will work best for them.

Kirsten Furman is a talented Boston based marketing consultant and specialist in metrics based B2B marketing strategy. She has worked in Marketing and Business Development for close to two decades and is very passionate getting her clients to dig deep and when it comes to making decisions about their business:  Kirsten helps them understand how to capture and hold the interest of their audience by asking her favorite question:  WHY? 

As CEO and co-founder of JustJump Marketing, a boutique marketing strategy consulting firm, Kirsten and her team have received much praise from their clients for their open and direct communication style, their way to get them to think deeply about their businesses and their process driven approach to finding long lasting solutions to clients’ challenges. 

Kirsten contributes to the Boston business community as a mentor and coach on marketing strategy, social media and marketing metrics and is a frequent speaker on these topics.

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