; A Blockchain 101 - Speaker Series - Cranberry Country Chamber Of Commerce ;

Cranberry Country Chamber Of Commerce

A Blockchain 101 – Speaker Series

What is blockchain vs Digital Assets (bitcoin, etc.)
Types of Blockchain and its functions
Benefits and challenges of blockchain technology
Who invented blockchain and how does it work


Tuesday, October 12th  9 – 10:30 am

Via Zoom



Lynne is a frequent global speaker on financial topics. Her role as Co-Founder of YieldUp and her work with FINTECHwomen, NE-AFP, and Boston Blockchain Association (BBA)

Founder, Transformational Strategies, LLC (TSLLC)

Lynne is CEO and Founder of TSLLC a consulting firm that specializes in three strategic areas:

Helping women entrepreneurs achieve financial independence by creating a strategy around branding, valuations and scaling their business

Helping financial institutions navigate conversions, mergers/acquisitions and transformation into blockchain, crypto and digital assets

Working with startups to launch creative and successful ideas (both Yield UP and Parity Health)

In addition, works with the following organizations supporting our synchronized mission:

Senior Advisor—-ENTERPRISEWomen—Judges Business School, Cambridge University, UK

Senior Advisor to LeBwox and Creo Incubator-at the University of Oxford, UK

FINTECHwomen Boardmember —Fintech organization focused on collaboration and education for women in the financial/technology space

Boston Blockchain Association (BBA) Events Chair

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